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Individualized Treatment Program

The one-on-one treatment approach is multifaceted including manual techniques, modalities, education and exercise. A Home Exercise Program will be designed to address specific dysfunctions, to complement the manual therapy treatment and to help achieve the client’s functional goals and lifestyle.

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Comprehensive Evaluation

Evaluation of the total system allows treatment of the region of pain directly, but also determines the root cause of the issue to allow for long-term resolution of the injury.

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A five-class online series designed to provide you with the knowledge, understanding and exercise tools to maximize your spinal health.

“Lisa is an outstanding practitioner. Over the course of a few years, I tried several other specialists to alleviate my pain with no success. Her evaluation/assessment skills, insightfulness, knowledge, technique, and compassion are immeasurable. She understood what my recovery required and designed exercises and approaches that helped me heal and be able to get back to doing the physical things I enjoy.

She worked hard to design and implement a ‘Healthy Spine’ class that plays an integral part in keeping me on track with my daily exercise program. In addition, she offers instructional books and videos to assist participants with their at-home exercise regimen. Her concern, encouragement and support for her patient’s recovery is truly genuine. Thank you, Lisa!”

– Judy S.